Snaffle Bridle without Reins

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350,00 250,00 inkl. MwSt.

Parelli bridles and bits are designed to offer you clear communication, a reliable feel, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your horse is comfortable, safe, and totally in tune with you.

  • They are easy to adjust and resistant to sweat, with beautiful brass fittings (no screws), 5-1/4 in. sweet iron snaffle, and rein leathers. The Parelli Snaffle Bridle is an elegant but sturdy bridle for everyday use.
  • Each Snaffle Bridle comes together with Headstall, Chin Strap, 5-1/4 in Sweet Iron Snaffle Bit, and Rein Leathers.
  • Made with top-quality oiled bridle leather, top-stitched.
  • Brass buckles and buds instead of screws give security and a nice quick-change feature for your bit.
  • Throatlatch should fit four fingers when riding or two fingers when driving.
  • Must be used with a chin strap, so the bit and bridle do not get pulled through the horse's mouth when the reins are activated.
  • Browband style headstall with double cheek adjustments.
  • Parelli logo conchos
  • Reins sold separately
  • Also called: Snaffle Bridle, The Horseman's Bridle, Complete Snaffle Bridle, Country Bridle, and Parelli Country Bridle.

Regular Size / Standard (Quarter Horse)

Snaffle Bit:
5,25 Inch / 13,33 cm


Hit The Trail DVD-Set

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140,00 15,00 inkl. MwSt.

The DVD without subtitles - English version for CHF 15.00/ Euro 15.00

Join Pat and Linda as they take you on a trail ride through the stunning Colorado wilderness. You’ll learn directly from Pat and Linda all that you need to know before you set out on the trail, then how to put your newfound skills to use on the spot when you need them most. Covers trailering, trail etiquette, natural obstacles, essential groundwork, in saddle preparation, water crossings, jigging, spooky situations, gear selection, and more.

  • Preparing At Home
  • Trailering
  • Knot Tying
  • Tacking Up
  • Preflight Checks
  • Natural Obstacles
  • Water Crossings
  • Essential Groundwork
  • De-spooking Exercises
  • Jigging
  • Bend to a Stop
  • Follow the Rail
  • Passing Horses
  • Beep Beep Game
  • Q & A with Pat and Linda

Runtime: 4 hours, 30 minutes

Leads and Lead Changes

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The lead change is an integral component of performance, regardless of discipline, but the necessary skills and techniques need to be developed long before you enter the performance arena. With this educational DVD, Pat Parelli guides you through the essential building blocks of reliable, fluid simple and flying lead changes. As part of our Four Savvys Support Series, this DVD offers an in-depth look at an important but often misunderstood skill, from concept to execution and all the way to excellence.

What People Are Saying:

"Hmmm, only watched the introduction and already I am excited to be learning. This topic used to be way over my head!!!!!!!!" -Tammy Stott

"Yippee! I feel like I a got a Christmas present from the Parelli's. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I feel so special. It's wonderful and I love it, just like hanging off the top rail." -Anna Kivela

"This is a really cool video series! It shows the sequence and explains all the prerequisites. Way more than "just" leads and lead changes!" -Barbara Heinen

Mastery Series - The Projekt with M. Wanzenried

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220,00 65,00 inkl. MwSt.

Renowned 5-Star Parelli Instructor Mikey Wanzenried is known for his amazing horsemanship demonstrations all over Europe. As one of Pat Parelli's most dedicated and gifted students and now one of the world's most sought after Natural Horsemanship exponents, Mikey has taken his skills both on the ground and on the horse's back to a whole new level of mastery.

In this DVD set, Mikey teaches how to take your skills and understanding of On Line, Liberty, and FreeStyle to Parelli Level 4 and beyond. Mikey has developed his unique coaching over many years and coined his innovative approach "The Projekt," a three-step process that ensures all your training both on the ground and in the saddle is psychology-based in such a way that your horse turns his attention to you no matter the environment or distractions.

Over the course of this four-disc set, Mikey demonstrates his teachings with his own horses in various degrees of training, emphasizing the various stages of training and progress.

Filmed on location at Michael's 'Four Savvys Place' in Les Bois, Switzerland.

Disc 1
On Line Part 1

  • Introduction
  • On Line Part 1:
  • Follow The Rail
  • Corners: Steps 1-2-3

Disc 2
On Line Parts 2 & 3

  • • The Four Savvys Place
  • • On Line Parts 2 & 3:
  • Change Of Direction & The Lane
  • Barrels: Steps 1-2-3
  • Lane: Steps 1-2-3

Disc 3

  • Pat Tours Mikey's Home
  • Liberty:
  • Change Of Direction & The Jump
  • Barrels: Steps 1-2-3
  • Jump: Steps 1-2-3

Disc 4

  • Five-Star Awards
  • FreeStyle:
  • Follow The Rail & The Lane
  • Corners: Steps 1-2-3
  • Lane: Steps 1-2-3

Runtime: 5 hours, 4 minutes.

Level 2 - FreeStyle DVD English

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69,00 inkl. MwSt.

English DVD-Set (2 Discs)


Saddling with Savvy

  • Introducing the Saddle
  • Saddle Like a Horseman
  • Cinching & Girthing
  • Pre-flight Checks with a Saddled Horse (from the ground)
  • Bridling The Hackamore
  • Lateral Flexion: A Brake Check for Your Horse
  • Adding New Habits & Breaking Old Ones

Mounting & Dismounting with Savvy

  • Mounting as a Friendly Game
  • Dismounting
  • Active Reins
  • Direct Rein: Moves the Forequarters
  • Indirect Rein: Moves the Hindquarters

Guiding Your Horse

  • Direct & Indirect Rein in Action
  • Inactive Reins
  • One Rein Stop
  • Controlled Catastrophes Preparation


  • Go & Whoa
  • Impulsion & Phases While Riding
  • Passenger Lessons
  • Follow the Rail

Riding as the Leader

  • The 9-Step Back-Up
  • Focus & Point-to-Point
  • Casual to Concentrated Reins
  • Bullseye Game
  • Sideways Game Patterns


  • Follow the Rail Figure 8
  • Weave

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