22 Foot Lariat Rope

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Kidz String

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4-Foot Savvy String specifically designed for kids 12 and under. To be used with the Kidz Stick (not included).


4-Foot long, smooth ¼ inch yachting braid, looped end for easy attachment, latigo popper.

Popper helps it become straight when swung. Great tool for ground skills, especially when combined with a Carrot Stick.

Combined total of 7’ when added to a Kidz Stick.

6-foot Savvy String

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Pat Parelli first became known for bridleless riding, Trailer Loading extremely difficult cases and playing with horses at liberty. One of his most sublime secrets is the little string he keeps in his back pocket! He calls it his Savvy String. Pat says that you should always have a pocketknife and a Savvy String on your person when you are around horses.

This is the string of a thousand uses and included in its many uses is to attach to the end of the Carrot Stick to help you get respect from your horse on the ground and build your horse's confidence in addition it can be used around your horse's neck to aid you in your journey to bridleless riding. Other uses include: lead with it; tie your doggie; make an emergency belt; tie gates shut... you name it!
Pat Parelli because of his martial arts background came up with the concept of awarding people specific color strings for their achievement in his Horse-man-ship Levels program. Everyone starts off in the Parelli Program starts off with a white string and as you achieve a level you are awarded a special colored string. Red for Level 1, Blue for Level 2, Green for Level 3 and Black for Level 4.




Colors: Our Premier color is white.

We also have fun custom colors that you can special order: vaquero, purple, lime, burgundy.
Special Note: Red, Blue, Green and Black Savvy Strings are given as official awards for official graduates of Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 respectively. They are also available for purchase by official graduates only.


  • 6-Foot long, smooth 1/4 inch yachting braid, looped end for easy attachment, latigo popper.

9 Foot Foal Handling & Get Down String

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Designed especially for leading and tying your bridled horse: instead of using the reins to lead or tie your horse, you can use this handy string which loops around your horse's neck or onto the noseband/bosalito. One of its many other uses includes handling foals and gently teaching them to follow a feel while allowing more drift. Choose between Blue or White.

9 foot Lead and Tie Rope

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12-Foot Training Rope

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The Parelli 12-Foot Training Rope is your every day, every purpose lead rope and training line for developing your feel and your horse’s responsiveness and connection. Easy to hold, it glides smoothly through your hands when you need to give your horse more drift.   “Hands that close slowly and open quickly have more feel” Pat Parelli

½ inch diameter smooth yachting braid.

12-feet long with a loop at the end of the rope for quick snap placement.

12-foot length helps keep handler out of kick range if horse turns away.

Comes with a brass swivel snap and a latigo popper.

Weighted Snap: asset to communication because horse can feel the rope so much sooner and more subtly; provides a counter weight so it slows pressure and releases sooner.

6-inches of rope is run back in at the tail, because of this the handler can feel the end of the rope without having to look down. The rope run-back and the popper add weight for swinging and straightness when throwing.

Stamped with Parelli logo.

22-foot Ground Training Line with Popper

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When it’s time to expand your horse’s confidence and step up the challenge, you’ll need a 22’ line. The extra length enables more sensitive or scared horses to drift, and allows you to gain respect from greater distances in advanced ground skills. Our 22' Line has the same snap featured on our 12' Line and is the perfect tool for On Line Level 2 skills and Get Ready for Liberty from the Savvy Series.   “Longer lines, greater challenges, more advanced ground skills” Pat Parelli

In 1987, on Pat’s first trip to Australia, he ran into an Horseman Legend Morris Wright. Morris was the number one proponent of the Jeffery method of taming wild Brumbys (Mustangs), and he used a 22-foot rope made of rawhide. When Pat came back to the states he trialed his now famous yachting braid. Over time it has become one of the most popular products that Pat has ever produced.

The reason this is an essential tool in your Parelli program journey is because horses are great judges of distance and approach. If you only use a 12 foot rope when educating your horse on the ground, your horse will soon become bored and you will become ineffective. Using the 22 foot rope correctly has a very similar psychological effect as what you might expect if you used a round corral.


  1. Also referred to as: 22-Foot Line; 22-Foot Lead Rope; 22-Foot Training Rope, 22-Foot Snap-Line
  2. ½ inch smooth yachting braid with easy and quick snap placement loop, swivel snap leather popper and weighted end
  3. The popper on the end that helps with straightness when throwing; assists in horse training, and has a more classic look and feel.
  4. 6-inches of rope is run back in at the tail, because of this the handler can feel the end of the rope without having to look down. The rope run-back and the popper add weight for swinging and straightness when throwing
  5. Good for large horses when a 12-foot Line isn’t long enough to be out of kick range if horse turns away (such as a large Warmblood or Draft).
  6. Stamped with Parelli logo.
  7. Designed for ground skills.
  8. Smooth, flexible, resistant to sweat.
  9. Swivel Snap connects to the looped end of the 22’ line to allow for replacement.
  10. Swivel Snap rated up to 1200lbs.

Halter and Rope Combo

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The Parelli Horseman's Halter is different than any other halter on the market. Pat perfected the design and used to tie them himself on the way to clinics (someone else was driving of course!) Today Parelli halters are still hand-tied using smooth yachting braid (which is almost unbreakable) with simple knots that strategically balance on your horse's head.

Mini/Foal: Smaller, refined Miniatures, and most newborn foals.

Pony/Weanling: Shetland, Welsh, and larger Miniatures.

Arabian: Petite Arabians with tea-cup noses, larger ponies, and Quarter Horse-type yearlings. If your horse's nose is much larger than your fist, a Regular halter is recommended.

Regular: Most Quarter Horses, Paints, Thoroughbreds, Mustangs, Fell, Highland, Icelandic, New Forest, Reinrassiger Freiberger, Haflinger and Cobs.

Warmblood: Quarter Horses with large jowls, smaller Draft crosses/American Warmbloods, Trakehners, Dutch Warmbloods, Selle Francais, Fresians, Hanoverians, Holsteiners, Oldenburgs, Irish Drafts, Lipizzaners and Freiberger mit Warmblut Anteil.

Draft: Percheron, Belgian, Clydesdale, Shire (or very large-headed horses).

12 Foot Rope
Pat's training line is way more than a lead rope. Being 12 feet long it gives you the ability to direct and support your horse from the ground and stay a safe distance away. The average lead rope is 7 feet long. The additional 5 feet that is on your training line gives you more safety and control while allowing your horse to also feel safe by allowing him to drift when he is unconfident.

Welche Grösse brauche ich für mein Pferd: Sie können anhand dieser Tabelle "Halfter und Hackamore Groessentabelle.pdf" die Grösse bestimmen. Die Tabelle ist nur ein Richtwert.

Parelli 22' Featherline Single With Snap

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Perfect for advanced one-rein driving or as a lightweight 22-foot play line. Comes with a brass finger snap at one end and leather popper at the other end. Constructed with thinner, lighter rope than our standard 9, 12, and 22 foot Lines. Has the same ¼-inch braid as our Savvy Strings.

22' Featherline (pair)

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Linda designed this when she was looking for a lighter line that would test a horse’s softness but still provide a physical connection at an advanced level. Made from the same ¼-inch braid as the Savvy String, but 22-foot long with optional delicate snap! Feather Lines are also perfect for long-lining and ground driving. The 22-foot Feather Line rope comes in a set of 2. Ideal for refining your On Line play, including Zone 5 driving and long-lining. Ask your horse to respond to feather-light touch as a savvy test of higher level contact and connection on the ground.

NOTE: Snap not included.

45-foot Ground Training Line

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Take your communication with your horse to the next level with our 45-foot Ground Training Line. This is a Parelli designed softened version of a Roping Lariat. It is an essential tool for developing your horsemanship skills on the ground from greater distances, particularly from Levels 3 to Level 4 On Line, as you advance

  • Also called: 45-Foot Line; 45-Foot Lariat; 45-Foot Lariat Rope
  • 45-Foot Triple X softened 3/8-inch diameter lariat rope for horse handling.
  • Honda loop on the end for quick-change accessories (for example a snap or karabiner).
  • This kit includes an extra snap to use with this honda (usually sold separately). The snap is a swivel to prevent tension and stop the rope coiling up under the horse's chin on his halter.
  • Right-handedness and Left-handedness versions available (a right-handed rope will have a clockwise twist and a left hand rope will have a counter clockwise twist).
  • This rope is good for wetter climates as the Lariat resists attracting dirt and water/getting soggy.
  • Soft twist, similar to a good ranch type rope for doctoring or working with animals - not a stiff, roping rope.
  • Keep playing with it until the wax is worn off and the rope is broken in.
  • Great rope for simulations as it offers a lot of sensitivity and feel.

"Pat had the lay of this nylon lariat deliberately softened for horse handling. It has life, sensitivity and lightness." Pat Parelli

Improve your handiness, your drive and draw, the clarity of your phases, and your overall connection with your horse.This product is ideal for dealing with wild or un-started horses as it allows the horse maximum drift as well as more agility for the horseman.

Pat Parelli's first horse training mentor was Troy Henry from Clovis, California. He shared with Pat the psychological advantages of teaching the horse all of his basic education on the ground in a round corral as well as on line. Troy always used a 45-foot line. You had to be very athletic and handy in order to use this tool

When Pat first started doing his clinics in the early 1980s, it became obvious this was a great tool, but not necessarily a great one to start with, hence the reason for the 12 and 22-foot lines. The difference between the 45-foot training line and the others is the material. The yachting braid is softer on your hands but also heavier, the 45-foot line is made from a triple soft Lariat material and is much lighter but still has the special feel that horses respond positively to.

The reason the 45-foot rope has a psychological effect on horses is because they are great judges of distance and approach, and it blows their minds how you can be so effective and communicative from such a distance.

Used correctly, your horse will soon want to connect to you and follow your suggestions even if you drop the rope. Suggested for solid Level 3 students and above.