Savvy Mastery Series - Liberty Outside the Round Pen

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Your Liberty works great in the round pen, but as soon as you go to a larger area, does your horse leave you? In this DVD set 5-Star Parelli Instructor, David Lichman, gives step-by-step instructions to students at the Parelli campus who are struggling with lack of connection and enthusiasm in their horses. After just two short sessions with David, these students are able to play at Liberty in an open pasture with no fences with exuberance!

Liberty Outside the Round Pen will help you form a partnership where your horse never wants to run off, no matter where you are playing. It's simply brilliant and absolutely masterful. David's Boomerang and Game Of Two Eyes exercises create, often in an hour or two, a horse that accelerates off the circle in draw, with engaged hindquarters and a mindset that is always focused on finding comfort with his human partner.

Music by Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Mary Ann Kennedy featuring the debut release of her newest song: "Liberty."

Total Runtime: 6 hours, 21 minutes.

Introduction/Meet The Students
- Concepts
- Prerequisites:
- Backing With Respect
- Face Me Game
Food As A Motivator
The Bridge Stimulus
Voice Cues
Boomerang Step 1
Boomerang Step 2
Boomerang Step 3

Boomerang Step 4
"S" Pattern
Boomerang Step 5
Behavioral Chain
Boomerang Step 6

Meet The Students
Game Of Two Eyes:
- Introduction
- Prerequisites
- Lesson: The Six States
Savvy Summit Spotlight

Boomerang Bonus Session
David, Scotty & Thirteen
"Liberty" Official Music Video
Le Jeu Des Deux Yeux
- Behavioral Chain
- Behavioral Psychology Part 1
- Behavioral Psychology Part 2
- Food As A Motivator
- The David Lichman Story

Savvy Mastery Series - On Line Multilanguage

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Renowned 4-Star Parelli Instructor Silke Vallentin is known for her breathtaking displays of the On Line Savvy on the ground with her horses, which take On Line to a level of mastery that few have ever achieved. On this expansive DVD set, Silke lets you in on the secrets that will help you develop your On Line skills beyond Parelli Level 4!

Silke frames these lessons with her Four Qualities of an Exercise – a set of guidelines that influences everything she does with her horses. Over the course of this four-disc set, Silke is joined by three students for hands-on teaching sessions: Parelli Professionals Liz Jones, Shawn Coleman, and Fawn Anderson. She emphasizes the importance of self-reflection and patience, setting these students and their horses up for everything they'll encounter in Level 4 and beyond.

This immersive product includes student lessons, breakaway sessions, and a 14-page accompanying pocket guide. From refining your cues and fine-tuning your body language to managing your energy and improving your horse's biomechanics, you'll learn all that and more with Savvy Mastery: On Line with Silke Vallentin!

4 Discs. 5 hours, 18 minutes.


Mastery Series - The Projekt with M. Wanzenried

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Renowned 5-Star Parelli Instructor Mikey Wanzenried is known for his amazing horsemanship demonstrations all over Europe. As one of Pat Parelli's most dedicated and gifted students and now one of the world's most sought after Natural Horsemanship exponents, Mikey has taken his skills both on the ground and on the horse's back to a whole new level of mastery.

In this DVD set, Mikey teaches how to take your skills and understanding of On Line, Liberty, and FreeStyle to Parelli Level 4 and beyond. Mikey has developed his unique coaching over many years and coined his innovative approach "The Projekt," a three-step process that ensures all your training both on the ground and in the saddle is psychology-based in such a way that your horse turns his attention to you no matter the environment or distractions.

Over the course of this four-disc set, Mikey demonstrates his teachings with his own horses in various degrees of training, emphasizing the various stages of training and progress.

Filmed on location at Michael's 'Four Savvys Place' in Les Bois, Switzerland.

Disc 1
On Line Part 1

  • Introduction
  • On Line Part 1:
  • Follow The Rail
  • Corners: Steps 1-2-3

Disc 2
On Line Parts 2 & 3

  • • The Four Savvys Place
  • • On Line Parts 2 & 3:
  • Change Of Direction & The Lane
  • Barrels: Steps 1-2-3
  • Lane: Steps 1-2-3

Disc 3

  • Pat Tours Mikey's Home
  • Liberty:
  • Change Of Direction & The Jump
  • Barrels: Steps 1-2-3
  • Jump: Steps 1-2-3

Disc 4

  • Five-Star Awards
  • FreeStyle:
  • Follow The Rail & The Lane
  • Corners: Steps 1-2-3
  • Lane: Steps 1-2-3

Runtime: 5 hours, 4 minutes.