Parelli Natural Horsemanship - way more than riding

Before Parelli, natural horsemanship was unknown except in the secret inner circles around Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt, and it was known as “It.” Pat’s desire to spread this knowledge to the world rose in him after his mentor Tom said with lament that “It” would never go anywhere. In 1984, he began teaching clinics; in 1990, Linda joined him with the mission of popularizing this special way. In 1991, they coined the name Natural Horsemanship.

Natural Horsemanship has become a viable and important aspect of the international horse industry and continues to expand and influence the way in which horses are trained. Pat and Linda bring an amazing talent for both training horses and teaching people—like you—how to be more than a rider and how train your own horses using behavioral psychology and maximizing love, language, and leadership.

Welcome to Parelli Team Europe! It’s our utmost pleasure to support you and your horse on your journey. You can choose between a great variety of courses, seminars and events. We also provide Horse Training, Colt Starting and Problem Horse Solving. In our Web Shop you can find the whole range of original Parelli Equipment and Education, DVD, Accessorizes and Clothing.