Pat's Rough Out Snaffle Bridle

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Without Mecate Reins

Pat has developed this beautiful Snaffle Bridle with rough leather. It is a premium bridle crafted from the finest materials.

"I love the look of two-toned leathers. It has something truly stylish for me." - Pat Parelli

  • Snaffle Bridle by Pat Parelli with rough leather
  • Premium quality made from the finest materials
  • Stylish appearance with two-toned leather
  • Easily adjustable and sweat-resistant
  • Includes headstall, chin strap, Snaffle Bit, and Rein Leathers, fully assembled and adorned with Parelli-logo Conchos
  • XL version includes a 6-inch (15.25 cm) Snaffle Bit
  • Standard version includes a 5 1/4-inch (13.3 cm) Snaffle Bit

Pat's Rough Out Snaffle Bridle

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Including Mecate Reins

Parelli bridles and bits are designed to offer you clear communication, a reliable feel, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your horse is comfortable, safe, and totally in tune with you.

Pat developed this lovely Snaffle Bridle with rough out leather and cream and chocolate metate reins. This is a premium grade bridle created with the finest materials. 

I love the look of two-toned leather. There's something really stylish about it for me. - Pat Parelli

  • They are easy to adjust and resistant to sweat.
  • Each Snaffle Bridle comes together with: a Headstall; Rein Leathers; Chin Strap; Snaffle Bit; Horseman's Reins
  • Made with top-quality oiled bridle leather, top-stitched.
  • Brass buckles and buds instead of screws give security and a nice quick-change feature for your bit.
  • Throatlatch should fit 4 fingers when riding or 2 fingers when driving
  • Must be used with a chin strap so the bit and bridle do not get pulled through the horse's mouth when the reins are activated.
  • 5 ¼' sweet iron bit
  • Browband style headstall with double cheek adjustments.
  • Matching rein leathers
  • Parelli logo conchos
  • This product comes completely assembled.