Natural Horsemanship Theory Book Englisch

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HorseManShip is the definitive theory guide for the Parelli Program. At over 90 pages, this comprehensive book features in-depth explanations of horse behavior and psychology, the habits of a horseman, and what it takes for a horse and human to truly become partners. Capped off with a handsome hard cover, spectacular photography, an accompanying DVD, enlightening anecdotes from Pat and Linda Parelli and much more, Horsemanship is the ultimate resource for a horseman obsessed with learning!

  • HORSEmanship:
  • Prey vs. Predator
  • Herd Instinct
  • What Horses Value
  • Reading Horses’ Body Language
  • Opposition Reflex
  • Horsenality
  • A Horse’s Distribution of Weight
  • HorseMANship:
  • The Seven Keys to Success
  • Aggressive vs. Assertive and Comfort vs. Discomfort
  • Feel and Phases
  • Approach and Retreat
  • A Story from Linda Parelli
  • Lateral Thinking vs. Direct Line
  • Reverse Psychology
  • A Story from Pat Parelli HorsemanSHIP:
  • The Ten Qualities of a Horseman
  • Pat Parelli’s Eight Principles of Horsemanship
  • The Eight Responsibilities of a Partnership
  • What Is Parelli All About? History of the Parelli Program
  • The Structure of the Parelli Program
  • The Tools of a Horseman The Seven Games
  • Zoneology
  • Parelli Reference Guide
  • Parelli Professionals Runtime: 37 minutes
  • 90-page book

The Finesse Manual

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Create a Happier Horse • Become a Beautiful Rider • Experience Finesse Without Stress!

Here at last is Linda’s exceptional work on making Finesse easier and more fun, and bridging it with the classical dressage principles of gymnastic training.

You’ll love this comprehensive manual if…

  1. You don’t know how to start and what to do next
  2. Find technical riding too complicated, confusing, and uncomfortable
  3. You want to ride well, look good, and feel good to your horse
  4. You’re struggling to achieve Level 4 in Finesse
  5. Your horse has trouble with ‘contact’ (chomping, tongue issues, tension, rein lameness)
  6. You are passionate about dressage and want to use more psychology

Riding with finesse and precision teaches you how to truly develop ‘feel,’ creating a beautiful harmony between you and your horse. Linda makes the most challenging elements feel easy and has pioneered some of the most important breakthroughs in horse-human communication through contact.

  1. Learn how to go from fluidity to a fine position, and turn grace into power… naturally
  2. Linda makes it so simple and friendly for both horse and rider
  1. Understand why finesse is important to the health of your horse
  2. Learn why finesse doesn’t need to be stressful for the horse
  3. Recognize and solve your own problems with posture and horse behavior
  4. Look at the manual any time and get something out of it – keep it on your coffee table!
180 pages bursting with information on The Secrets Of Horse Psychology • The Finesse Training Sequence • The Precision Box • Posture & Position • The Art & Psychology Of
Contact • The Bridge From Natural Horsemanship To Dressage

„If you did Linda’s master class this year, it’s just like doing her master class all over again. Everything she taught us in class is in there, it’s awesome.“
Brenda G.“Wow, congratulations Linda. So much hard work has gone into it and so many years of experience. Good on ya.“
Rhiannon D.

„Next to Horsenality, I believe it significantly ensures your everlasting legacy!!!!“
Chris C.

„Congratulations, what an achievement! And a treasure for the rest of us.“
Amy D.

„I am so excited, I’ve seen many pages in the working and I’m looking forward to the finished product!“
Vallen W.

„This manual is huge and jam packed! I will be getting one for sure!“
Kristi S.

Natural Horsemanship Buch

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In Western Horseman’s #1 selling Natural Horsemanship book, Pat details the Seven Games and the principles that are the foundation for the Parelli program. Written by Pat himself, this book shows you the Six Keys to a natural horse-human relationship: attitude, knowledge, tools, techniques, time, and imagination.

Mit Horsemanship zur Hohen Schule

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Available in German only!

Only in German available!

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So, who exactly is Pat Parelli and what drives the man who's become known as the world's foremost proponent of natural horsemanship? Indeed most people don't realize that he and his wife, Linda, coined this descriptive term used in headlines worldwide. "Natural Horsemanship" is Pat Parelli. "Raise Your Hand if You Love Horses" chronicles the first 50 years of Pat's life.

Pat describes the early experiences that shaped his life and reverently talks about the mentors who've influenced his thinking and helped him become a horseman. He details the struggles he's had to overcome on the long road to success, and explains how he created an unparalleled program to help other people accomplish their goals with horses.

As a bonus filtered throughout the chapters, readers are treated to "People's Perspectives on Pat" - anecdotes in which Pat's many friends, all well-known and respected in their fields, tell stories about him.