Round Equipment Bag

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Carry it all in this lightweight yet strong nylon bag. Pat used to call this his 'portable round corral' because he could put everything he needed in it to communicate and connect with any horse, anywhere, without depending on a 50-foot round corral being there. Hauling ropes around can be a pain. Inevitably your lines get dragged through the mud, become tangled, or somehow disappear under the front seat of your car. With the Parelli Equipment Bag, your lines/ropes will stay safe and organized, no matter where you are heading. 45-ft training line shown in picture is sold separately.

This durable spacious bag affords you plenty of room to fit your lines, including our 45-ft. training line.

Strong durable zippers ensure that your lines/ropes stay secure inside.

Features large black Parelli logo on the front.

Training line shown in picture sold separately.

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