Savvy Pack "Liberty" (Homestudy program)

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With this homestudy program you can devlop your skills on the ground, lessons off-line without a halter/lead, in progressively larger areas. It guides you through the whole levels program on the ground from Level 1 up to Level 4.

When you take off the halter and lead rope, you’re left with one thing: the truth.

That’s what Liberty is all about: developing a true partnership with your horse on the ground, with no strings (or lead ropes) attached. Liberty is the ultimate truth test for your relationship with your horse, where your mental and emotional connection with your horse grows in leaps and bounds.

Includes six DVDs with Level-by-Level lessons from Pat, plus student lessons, troubleshooting with Linda, 20+ page Savvy Manual, 10+ page Student Book, Pattern Maps, and Pocket Guides.

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