Game Of Contact DVD-Set

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A truly revolutionary breakthrough, the Game of Contact addresses several riding issues in a natural way. If your horse has inactive hind legs, tongue displacement, choppy stride, or any number of other issues related to contact, this DVD is an essential addition to your library.

Stage 1 – Confidence

Stage 2 – Stretching

Stage 3 – Frame

Stage 4 – Collection.

  • Teaching your horse to understand the bit and even bridle himself!
  • The Steady Rein – the ultimate prep and warm up
  • Resolving tension
  • Simulations to develop more “feel”
  • Rein handling
  • Rider seat, legs and posture
  • Turning and transitions
  • Improving responsiveness
  • Secrets of a happy horse and quiet mouth
  • Examples of extrovert & introvert horses
  • Different stages of development

Comes packaged with Linda’s Game Of Contact Study Manual.
Runtime: 8 hours. Multi-Language Captions: English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish.

New - Sweat Shirt Hooded

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  • 280 gsm
  • 80% cotton ring-spun and combed, 20% polyester
  • Double-layered hood with drawstring
  • Double seam in the shoulder area
  • Attached sleeves
  • Ribbed cuffs and waistband with elastane
  • Patch kangaroo pocket
  • side seams
  • Fashionable, narrow cut

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Are you frustrated with your lazy, crazy, naughty, or unpredictable horse? Most horses have behavior problems because of fear, dominance, or confusion.

Once you know where your horse is coming from, you’ll have the keys to change unwanted behavior forever. In this long-awaited DVD set on the revolutionary concept of Horsenality, Linda Parelli takes you on a fantastic horsemanship journey, showing you how to read horses and discover the keys to bringing out the best in them. There are four main Horsenality types to learn about; from there, you’ll determine “cusps” and “spirit level,” in order to get a complete picture.

Linda shows you each Horsenality at Liberty in the round corral, pointing out the key characteristics and demonstrating how to use the right energy and strategies, according to the unique horse’s needs. Finally, you’ll see students with each Horsenality being coached by Linda, both on the ground and in the saddle. Never have a bad horse day again!

Runtime: 4 hours


Savvy Mastery Series - On Line Multilanguage

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Renowned 4-Star Parelli Instructor Silke Vallentin is known for her breathtaking displays of the On Line Savvy on the ground with her horses, which take On Line to a level of mastery that few have ever achieved. On this expansive DVD set, Silke lets you in on the secrets that will help you develop your On Line skills beyond Parelli Level 4!

Silke frames these lessons with her Four Qualities of an Exercise – a set of guidelines that influences everything she does with her horses. Over the course of this four-disc set, Silke is joined by three students for hands-on teaching sessions: Parelli Professionals Liz Jones, Shawn Coleman, and Fawn Anderson. She emphasizes the importance of self-reflection and patience, setting these students and their horses up for everything they'll encounter in Level 4 and beyond.

This immersive product includes student lessons, breakaway sessions, and a 14-page accompanying pocket guide. From refining your cues and fine-tuning your body language to managing your energy and improving your horse's biomechanics, you'll learn all that and more with Savvy Mastery: On Line with Silke Vallentin!

4 Discs. 5 hours, 18 minutes.


9 foot Lead and Tie Rope

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Baseball Cap

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Baseball Cap

Die modische Farbauswahl, eine hochwertige, weich gebürstete Baumwoll-Oberfläche und die hochwertige Verarbeitung machen diese Cap zum Kollektionsliebling. Laminierte Frontpanels geben Halt und bringen Nähte und Luftlöcher schön zur Geltung. Ein gefüttertes Schweißband bietet besten Tragekomfort, die Kopfgröße ist per Klettverschluss praktisch und schnell verstellbar.

Two-tone baseball cap

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Material: 100% cotton drill

Contrasting colored sandwich and air holes
5 parts
Forehead seamless
6-fold quilted sandwich umbrella
Rip-Strip™ Adjustable Velcro closure

Military Sandwich Cap

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Wer dachte, Military Caps müssen immer nur uni und matschfarben sein, der irrt sich. Auf den Schnitt kommt es an, dann sind farbliche Akzente wie hier im Sandwich durchaus vertretbar. Der typische Army Schnitt mit hoher Form und umlaufenden Panels ist besonders komfortabel, der robuste Baumwoll-Canvas hält dabei auch härtesten Beanspruchungen stand.

Für ausreichend Luftzufuhr stehen seitliche Metallösen zur Verfügung, ein Baumwollschweißband nimmt entstehende Feuchtigkeit auf. Verstellbar ist die Cap mit einem praktischen Klettverschluss.

Oberstoff 100% Baumwolle


Handwäsche maximale Temperatur 40°C
Nicht Bleichen
Nicht bügeln
Nicht trockenreinigen
Nicht im Wäschetrockner/Tumbler trocknen

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