Ultimate Horse Behavior Series

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Ultimate Horse Behavior Series

This video series is a multi-language product offering subtitles in English, French, German, and Italian. If you select a USB/Flash Drive, you must select your language preference. 

Stress-Free problem solving, trailer loading, barn manners, and riding out begins with an understanding of how horses feel, think, act, and play. The Ultimate Horse Behavior Video Series is a collection of videos that will help you build positive patterns with trailer loading, barn manners, and on the trail. These are not just training tips focusing on technique, but applied horse psychology for understanding your horse's nature.

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With this series, you'll be able to read your horses body language and how to create a solution. You'll know what they're thinking and feeling so you can communicate more effectively with them in any situation. Join Pat Parelli as he guides you through practical training sessions that anyone can learn from.

These videos are on PRESALE NOW! They will be available on DVD or USB flash drive. Shipping in November.

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