The Joy of Dressage Part 3

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Part 3 in the 3 Part Series Competitive Success
‘Horse friendly and successful’ Uta Gräf explains her methods: training that respects the horse, natural living conditions in open stabling and international level dressage horses living in paddocks in large groups. “Scrape off the mud and ride Grand Prix” is her motto.
This new series of training films featuring the internationally acclaimed dressage rider shows how it is done.
Part 1 “Motivating the Horse”,
Part 2 “Training the Rider” and
Part 3 “Competitive Success”.
Part 3: Competitive Success For many riders, the climax to the joy of riding is to begin competing. Successful grand prix rider Uta Gräf gives insights into her methods for preparing and beginning to compete built on training which respects the horse and its natural living conditions.
Highlight: Uta Gräf’s floodlit Grand Prix Kür with Le Noir. – Training towards competition- At the competition- Before the test- Warming up- The test- Dressage riding for joy  
Book Title: Joy of Dressage (DVD) p.3 Format: DVD ISBN: 9783954990054 Author: Uta Gräf & Friederike Heidenhof
Author Notes: Uta Gräf has made a name for herself on the international scene through her fine classical riding style which is particularly demonstrated during her harmonious performances. She has been a member of the B-Kader dressage team since 2011 and was on the long list for the London 2012 Olympics.
Her unusual combination of ambitious dressage riding and natural horse care in groups and open stabling have made her a trailblazer of the changing attitude to the horse and dressage. Uta Gräf lives with her partner Stefan Schneider at Gut Rothenkircher Hof in Kirchheimbolanden.
Friederike Heidenhof has been training with Uta Gräf since 2002 and has been following her competitive career since Uta’s first success at regional S-Level. Having been trained in her youth following the “old school” method, she is particularly keen to show that classical training methods are not obsolete, but are more relevant now than ever. .

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