Parelli Horse Holster

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A safe, comfortable, easy way to carry your essentials when you're riding out.
The Horse Holster offers a comfortable, savvy solution for carrying your phone and other key essentials. 

Cross Body
Phone, keys, ID, money, lip balm, medical supplies, & more!

6.75"L x 3.75"W x 1"D
Three d-rings (one on back and one on each side) for more ways to wear/use (no slip attachment strap with 2 removable clips included - clip to pocket, belt, waistband, or belt loop for added support (for leg use) or use to attach pouch to something else)
Velcro closure
Side pockets for lip balm
Made of flexible, water resistant neoprene
Fits all size phones
Zipper pocket for keys, money, ID, etc.

Made of elastic & velcro; rubber grip to prevent slippage; Black
Short strap is 25" & fits leg areas 16" to 24" (~pant sizes 00-8)
Long strap is 30" & fits leg areas 22" & up
*Leg strap can be worn on any part of the leg. For riders with larger thighs, below the knee may work better (use calf or short strap for below the knee)

*Leg strap best suited for sitting (i.e. horse, motorcycle, ATV)

Clip to the two outer d-rings for best fit
Made of nylon; Black
Easily adjustable circumference from 32" - 60"

Equipment Tasche

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Der Parelli Equipment Bag ist das perfekte Hilfsmittel, um die wichtigsten Ausrüstungsgegenstände sicher, sauber und einfach zu verstauen bzw. zu transportieren. Der Equipment Bag besteht aus robustem Material und verfügt auch über eine Aussentasche mit Reissverschluss. Lariat Rope nicht inklusive.

Delux Equipment Tasche

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Diese Tasche bietet dir alle Möglichkeiten, um deine Parelli-Ausrüstung sicher, sauber und praktisch transportieren zu können. Diese grosszügig konzipierte Equipment-Tasche hat Platz für deine Halfter, Hackamores, Zaumzeuge, Seile und alles, was du sonst noch auf Reisen mit deinem Pferd mitnehmen möchtest. Zudem verfügt sie über einen speziellen Transportbeutel für deinen Carrot Stick, zwei Aussentaschen mit Reissverschluss, ist gefüttert und die Tragriemen lassen sich individuell verstellen.

Parelli Trailer Plate

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Parelli Lanyard

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Schlüsselanhänger mit Parelli Logo.

Autoaufkleber Parelli Logo

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Show your Parelli pride wherever the road takes you! Our Parelli logo window decals adhere to any window surface with a strong grip that won’t leave pesky streaks or smears when removed. Featuring the famous Parelli horse head logo and “Parelli” against a black background, the Parelli window decal is sure to draw some attention out on the open road. Don’t be surprised if you get a few waves from fellow Parelli fans as they pass!

Horsenality Kleber

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Der Horsenality-Kleber zeigt auf witzige Art und Weise, was dein vierbeiniges Familienmitglied für eine Horsenality hat… Der Kleber lässt sich einfach auf jeder Glasoberfläche anbringen und auch wieder entfernen.

Wähle zwischen: Left Brain Extrovert (Grün), Left Brain Introvert (Orange), Right Brain Extrovert (Rot), or Right Brain Introvert (Blau).

Intelligente Steigbügel Stübben 4 3/4

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Steigbügel MDC von Stübben Comfort Grösse 4 3/4

Bessere Beinposition

Meher Komfort

Erhöte Sicherheit

Steigbügel für Champion


Intelligente Steigbügel MDCUltimate 4 1/4"

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Steigbügel MDCUltimate 4 1/4

The MDC Ultimate Stirrup designed to allow riders to put their stirrup in the exact position for optimal riding. Shock absorbing sides reduce concussion and relieve pain in the ankle, knees, hips and back. Your MDC Ultimate Stirrups® greatly improve your ability to regain a lost stirrup. Just as importantly, due to the preset open angles, your MDC Stirrups™ do not turn back against the horse’s side as aggressively as traditional stirrups when lost, which is the primary reason a rider’s foot can get caught during a fall with the potential of being drug. Performance, comfort, position and safety are the hallmarks of MDC’s patented line of stirrups making MDC Stirrups™ the favorite of many of today’s top riders.

• Patented adjustable top, with preset adjustable positions of traditional angle, 45º and 90º

• Mutli-Pivot Point, shock absorbing sides

  1. •Traditional rubber tread

  2. •Ideal for Jumping, Dressage, Eventing and Trail Riding

Stirrups are measured by the inside opening of the stirrup where the foot is placed. A standard rule of thumb to size your stirrups is that when the foot is in the stirrup, there is room for your index finger to be placed on either side of the boot. Some riders, however, choose less gap for their personal preference. It is obvious that stirrups that are too small will be more difficult to retrieve and easier to get caught by the boot in the event of a fall.

Generally, a ladies size 7 boot can be either 4 1/2 inches inches or 4 3/4 inches, depending on the foot width. Size 7 and below are 4 1/2 inches, while size 7 and above are 4 3/4 inches. Very petite women and children use a 4 1/4 inch stirrup, while men with larger feet or very wide feet generally use a 5 inch.

Properly fit stirrups affect a rider's safety as well as comfort. Please remember that a properly fit stirrup allows for easier retrieval and, in the event of a fall, more room to clear the stirrup before it has a chance to turn back and catch a falling rider.

All MDC stirrups are true sized. The actual opening is the advertised measurement. Most hinged stirrups measure 1/4 inch smaller than advertised as they have not taken into account the width of the rubber sleeve. Their 4 3/4 inch stirrup has an opening of a 4 1/2 inch and may be too small.

The Parelli Equation Bumper Sticker 10" X 4"

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What happens when you add a little Parelli to your routine with your horse? A better relationship! Our 10 X 4 clear Parelli equation bumper sticker is the perfect gift for the horse lover in you, or in a friend!